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Habroxia is a 2D scrolling shooter for PS4 and PS Vita

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Perils of Baking Gameplay Trailer

Perils of Baking - Refrosted (PS VITA) Improvements

New Enemy Types


Two new enemy types with unique new behaviors.

Improved Boss Fights

Big falling cookie summon

Better boss fights with all new attacks.

World Map Art

World Map

Redone and new artwork for the Level Select/World Map

New Friends


4 new friends to save and hang out with

Transparent Walls


Hidden areas have transparent walls now so you can see the collectables hidden behind.

Redesigned Levels


Every level has been redesigned and improved to be a new experience for players familiar with the PS4 levels.

Other Improvements to Perils of Baking - Refrosted (PS Vita)

Bounce Mechanic has been retooled to allow for players who want to press jump on each bounce rather than hold down the jump button. This is done by allowing for the jump button to be pressed/held within a window of input after a collision rather than making this check the instant of collision. (The new system works for both input mechanics)

Camera system has been changed to have a more stable feel. The camera now follows the player at full speed at all times rather than having a speed difference between the two with a series of variances based on movement and state.

A few songs have been improved with a slight volume balancing, different drum sounds and minor changes. One new song added to the soundtrack.

Art has been redone in many places aside from the World Map. Some examples are flags, signs, balloons, candy platforms, boss attacks, ground tiles and more.

Some potential (rare) bugs have been fixed.

Many of these updates will be coming to the PS4 version in a patch. However the redesigned levels will remain exclusive to the PS Vita.

-Barry M. Johnson

Lillymo Games Inc.